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LIVE Eddie Durham and Snub Mosely

LIVE Eddie Durham and Snub Mosely


Two horn playing Jazz legends! LIVE AT "Franks Villa Pompeii" (Orange, Connecticut, February 21, 1969).

Snub Mosely on his own invention - the "snubophone", in a duo with Eddie Durham on his trombone, which he sometimes plays as a trumpet! Not available anyplace else.

Also: Ed Lewis tpt, Eddie Barefield cl, Lem Johnson t/sax, Wilbert Kirk d, Juanita p & Abe b BOLAR.

Produced by "Jazz of the Connecticut Traditional Jazz Club" (CTJC #5).


    Please give your email address, preferably yahoo or gmail, for capacity. State which digital format you prefer (Mp3, Mp4, AAC).

    Payment is on a donation basis, minimum $2. This is a fundraiser for the next book on Eddie Durham. Thank you for your consideration.

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