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In Volume One "VIRTUOSITY" Eddie's family of 8 brothers and cousins attended their self-made music school dailyThey all learned to read and notate music and learned multiple instruments.

They joined the circus & toured with vaudeville and minstrel orchestras. He develops into a master arranger, composer, trombonist and guitarist.


Band leaders soon begin to beg for his ability to write big-band swing music HITS. This began with Bennie Moten, then Count Basie, Jimmie Lunceford. He masterminds the "dueling tenors" of

Lester Young with his cousin Herschel Evans; Choreographed Brass Sections; Co-composed

"I Don't Want To Set The World on Fire" for The Ink Spots; and the most famous arrangement of a song in history, Eddie Durham arranged "In The Mood" for Glenn Miller.


Jimmie Lunceford featured Eddie on the amplified guitar recording "Honey Keep Your Mind On Me" and on a resonated guitar on "Hittin' the Bottle" - both were hits; John Hammond, Sr. produced a recording session which showcased Eddie on electric guitar, distributed as "The Lester Young Sessions". In 1940, Eddie recorded a new esoteric sound on guitar of "I Want A Little Girl" and "Magic Carpet." VIRTUOSITY takes us up to World War II, the highlight of all-girl orchestras. Eddie is scouted by the first family, The Roosevelts, to spearhead this effort. Volume 2, "Eddie Durham and the Ladies of Jazz," explores that amazing story.













Speech at Julliard 2024


Reviews, Interviews...:

JAZZ ON THE TUBE audio interview by Lester Perkins

South Texas Jazz Project: audio Interview by DJ Kory Cook 


Texas State Historical Asso. - disquisition by Dave Oliphant

THE SYNCOPATED TIMES article by David Radlauer

JAZZ MUSEUM IN HARLEM audio interview by Loren Schoenberg

PICTORIAL DISCOGRAPHY video of vintage record labels with Durham compositions/arrangements

ALL ABOUT JAZZ Author profile

Let's SWING  - DANCE Classes in HARLEM, NY

Copyright Law

Swingin' the Blues series (Volume 4):

Eddie Durham with the

Harlem Blues & Jazz Band - tour with the legends - over 100 pictures!

"Tour Itinerary & Diary" of

Manager, Albert Vollmer

Volume4: 1977-1987 "The Harlem Blues & Jazz Band". Also includes a 1985 tour with Mama LuParks & The Savoy Lindyhoppers!

Book Cover Art by BRIAN KRAMER


Volume One Reviews & Interviews:


"JAZZ AROUND TOWN" by Scott Yanow

"JAZZ RAG MAG": Issue#169 Winter 2022 by Ron Simpson (J.Witherspoon on the cover)


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Eddie Durham YouTube videos

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